Tuesday, May 19, 2009


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Blogger Lysnekate said...

Plate o'shrimp! Miss Molly & I were admiring your handwriting this afternoon. I've been using the b-day card you sent me as a bookmark, and Molly was playing with it. "Mama - it's an Ariel (damn Disney) with an umbrella" I've loved your handwriting since the first day I saw it - gracing the package of some orphaned book...

I saw my husband's cursive once (which is beautiful, btw) and almost accused him of having some kind of shady dealings with another woman. (Luckily, I read it before I accused anything...) Of course, we're a product of the age - we've gotten into arguments TEXTING. Sigh.

I love love love this entry. It almost feels like that post-a-Secret website...

11:27 PM  
Blogger Margarita said...

I have to tell you you ARE brave. I'm terrified of writing. I was taught penmanship with slanted ruled paper, and my first Master's thesis was all hand written. Yet my RSI (repetitive stress injury) was acquired working at Columbia, using a computer that was not ergonomically placed! Ever since i can hardly type (you'd never think), let alone handwrite. I don't journal - I come from a society where in not so distant past people lost their lives for their handwritten notes which found their way into wrong hands - and although that reality was many decades prior to mine, it lives in your bones forever, not as a fear but as a reluctance to share your thoughts in writing. Luckily, not everyone in my culture has caught this contagion - we have pretty decent contemp lit! Blank paper fascinates and terrifies me, bless your heart for filling those sheets with thoughts; and no worries, your handwriting is pretty awesome!

1:01 AM  
Blogger Debi said...

Lisa, this is marvelous. I do love these glimpses of the you I rarely get to see because I'm far away.

Margarita, your comments brought tears to my eyes. I can hardly imagine living in such a place as you describe. I am not much of a pack-rat, but one thing I do have an abundance of is boxes of paper; things I have written, several boxes of things my daughter wrote in college (most of which I haven't looked at, but one day - with the right company - I will), cards and letters from old friends, even some old family letters, written so long ago that many of the people and places and things mentioned in them are lost save for those scraps of paper. You reminded me to be grateful for living in such a time and place that I keep them without hesitation. Thank you for that.

7:12 AM  
Blogger heddy said...

I've also mused about the diminished presence of handwriting. When I was teaching elementary school several years ago, children's handwriting was poor, but handwriting lessons were discouraged.

Handwriting is a central plot element in "Bleak House," the only Dickens novel I liked. I wonder whether the novel will resonate with young readers in twenty years.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Sue Dickman said...

I love this entry. And it's totally true that I know the handwriting of old friends but not new ones. There are some friends from high school and college who I exchanged letters with for years, esp. when I was in India, and I feel like I'll recognize their handwriting forever. But I'm not sure I'd even positively identify Alex's handwriting, since I see it so rarely. Weird.

8:26 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Lysne, that's nice to you're enjoying the birthday card after the fact. And Postsecret always tempts me...

Margarita, it's funny -- I think of us as being friends because we're more alike than different, and I always forget what huge cultural differences there are between the places we grew up. That's such an interesting -- and sad -- reminder.

Debi, I have boxes and boxes of letters and postcards too. I guess poor Gideon will be stuck with them someday, but right now I don't care and hang onto them indiscriminately.

Heddy, I didn't know that about Bleak House. I'm an embarrassed Dickens virgin -- I wonder it that wouldn't be a good place to start.

Sue, that's funny. I agree -- I'm not sure I could pick Jeff's handwriting out of a lineup, but any of my high school/college friends yes, in an instant.

10:09 PM  
Blogger Mary Catherine said...

Did you see the treasured, handwritten letters in Donna Reed's swell collection?

5:59 AM  

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