Friday, May 29, 2009


Absolutely my favorite BEA loot, bar none, was this wildflower seed packet from NYRB Classics.
Well OK, that and the signed ARC of Dan Chaon's newest.

Margarita gave me some cosmos seeds, and I have some poppies too... I'm thinking if Sunday's nice I'm going to make a little wildflower garden. That odd weedy platform to the right of my front steps might be just the spot, although it's a pain -- and kind of scary -- to constantly shuffle along that narrow ledge with soil and tools and what have you. Still, it's a spot in need of some aesthetic enhancement, and that's a good excuse.
BEA was both fun and tiring. I was tweeting it from my new Blackberry (@lisapeet1), with a definite learning curve involved. But I do like the medium, and tomorrow is another day. Today, I think, is over.

But, one day early for Caturday, I leave you with Francis and Alvy together again:
That Alvy is a tough little fat fur seal.

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Blogger Debi said...

I think that's an excellent idea. I still think that one day we should paint a mural of some sort on that wall, too. Something bright and sassy and utterly unexpected.

9:57 AM  
Blogger Margarita said...

Awesome thought - the flowers will stand out against the white background! and BTW, the tweets were much fun!

10:43 PM  
Blogger Mad Housewife said...

Nice cat photos!

I was going to reply to your Howards End remarks at Readerville - but it's too complicated there so I'm dipping in here. I adore that novel and recently reread it (and blogged on it).

Great comments on BEA, too.

10:58 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Cool, Mad Housewife. Would you link to your blog? I'm always interested in what other people have to say about Howards End these days.

11:04 PM  

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