Wednesday, December 03, 2008

This is a Nice House and Everything, But People -- Your Mice Are All Dead

He's probably never seen a non-living mouse before.

Up until a week and a half ago, he was living the high life over in Kitty Calcutta -- same place we picked Alvy up. As recently as early fall he was still a kitten, and too wild to even pet. But many many cans of cat food later, he became our buddy. And then it turned cold enough that we just couldn't stand to think of him out there, so Jeff grabbed him in a bear hug and brought him home.

So: Cat #3. Yeah, I know. He is stunningly beautiful, soft as a dandelion puff, and has an outsized personality. He reminds me of a blue jay, actually -- hyper-alert, head held high, glittery eyes, lots of noisy bluster to make himself look tough. He's busy working things out with #1 and #2 -- he and Alvy seem to be dwelling in that weird cat grey zone between aggression and play, whereas Mr. Bonkers has made it very clear he will brook no shit whatsoever, and tends to walk away from confrontations after fixing the new guy with a long, hard stare. At any rate, there has been no blood spilled -- a few dandelion puffs of fur floating around, but with no skin attached. And Dorrie is the consummate cat dog. She wishes he would play with her, but otherwise neither one has any interspecies issues.

Still, it'll be a little while before the household settles back to its former level of tranquility.
But not forever. Really, guys, I promise.
No name just yet. For now he's just New Kitty.